Monday, December 22, 2008

No such thing as a social media expert

This blog is titled “Top 25 ways to tell if your social media expert is a carpetbagger”. 

I could probably list about a million other ways to tell if your social media expert is a carpet bagger (they work from home, they offer free services, they rely solely on you “trusting them”), so this blog doesn’t really tell you anything that new, useful or interesting.  If this blog wanted to actually say something-it would list ways to make sure your social media expert is NOT a carpetbagger.  But that’s not what they did, and here is my beef:

From my perspective-any social media “expert” is a carpetbagger.  Social Media is still being defined, shaped and developed.  It is not a tangible thing-so to be an expert in it is a silly thought.  It’s like being an expert of the paranormal-it’s measuring something you can’t see, feel or measure-so instead these so called “experts” measure indicators like electro-conductivity in the paranormal sector or impressions in social media. 

Just because you have impressions does not mean that you have ROI, just like if a room has a high electro-conductivity, that does not mean you have a ghost.

The last time I checked-there was no set standard, no regulating group and no universal way to measure social media.  Therefore, since success can’t be defined-how can anybody be an expert?



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