Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wired has an article that poses the idea of a completely cashless society.  The article heralds the benefits of getting rid of paper money and coinage, to instead, go all-digital. 

The idea of all-digital money sounds awesome.  As is, I hate cash.  I never have it, and when I do have it, I spend it.  On the other hand, converting to all digital money might make it easier to spend money.  Look at the credit cards, and how much fun we already have with not real money. 

To me, there is something being able to hold my money, or valuables.  I don’t know that I’d completely trust digital money.  I feel like the ability to pirate, or hack or even (gasp) computer glitch would be too high for me. 

Especially with our economy in the crapper, I’m interested to see where real money, and emoney will end up in the future.  

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