Monday, November 24, 2008

Broadcast television is dying-not Silverman's fault

In an earlier blog, 11/14 “Addressable Ads: Not Worth Your Time Or Money”, I blogged about the demise of broadcast TV.  Basically I blogged that not even specifically targeted commercials will help broadcast television, that it is a dying medium and that digital is the wave of the future.  Specifically, I was critiquing Brian Steinberg’s article “Addressable Ads could Reinvigorate TV”.

Well, Steinberg is back and this time seems to be adding more fuel to my fire.  Steinberg’s new article “Silverman’s Magic Touch Fails to Jump-Start NBC” speaks of the demise of broadcast television, whether he knows it or not.

Steinberg talks about Ben Silverman, the newish exec at NBC and how he has brought in revenue but not viewers to NBC.  Steinberg notes that NBC as well as all of the big 4 networks have been loosing live-plus-same-day-ratings for key adult demographics of 18-49, 18-34 and 25-54. 

This further supports my notion that younger, hip, tech savvy demographics are moving away from traditional live or same day viewership and are instead opting for Tivo, DVR or even (gasp) digital views of shows on network websites, it-tunes or hulu. 

Steinberg credits the loss of viewers to content, or executive decisions, whereas I see the drop in viewership to the conversion of a digital era.  The loss of viewers is not Silverman’s fault.  Silverman was commissioned with the difficult task of saving a sinking ship: traditional broadcast television. 

Steinberg does not mention that NBC’s online viewership went up the most out of the other big 4 networks, to 5.56 million unique viewers in Sept., which doubled their previous online viewers.

 Does Silverman get any credit for that?

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