Tuesday, November 18, 2008

iPhone applications

iPhones.  They are useful to a degree, but there are too many, and many of them offer no use whatsoever.


I started looking into the various applications available to iPhone users.  I was shocked at what I found:


Idream: This application plays ambient sound without loops, while sending optically stimulation to help calm you and put you to sleep.

My comment:  If you can’t sleep, I recommend you putting your phone down, and then try closing your eyes.


Imensies:  This application tracks female’s menstrual calendars.

My comment:  TMI my friends, TMI.


SitOrSquat:  This application finds any nearby public restroom in the world for you. 

My comment:  This may be useful-but public restrooms can also be scary. At outdoor concerts, does it just tell you to go behind the cars?


BossTool, Caterpillar, Poof etc.:  These applications help you manage all of your applications.

My comment:  This is just silly.  If you have too many applications, you do not need any more!


Beer:  An application that features a cooler of beer that never runs out. 

My comment:  Dumb.


PhoneSaber:  Turn your iPhone into a light saber. 

My comment:  Geeky and dumb.


FakeCalls:  This application fake calls your phone, to get you out of a situation (irritating conversation, bad date, etc.)

My comment:  Will further alienate you from the rest of humanity (as if being constantly glued to your iphone isn’t enough).

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