Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Puppies in a box

What is more cute or appealing than a bunch of puppies?  Nothing! And that's exactly why some brilliant mind decided to stream a box of puppies 24/7.  This is already a hit in dog communities.  It already has over 17,000 hits and counting.  

Here is an example of something viral, that has no purpose other than entertainment value.  Imagine how much more valuable this would be, if say Purina or PetSmart or some other brand decided to do this first?  This would be a great way to drive traffic, get new fans, interact with consumers and to help develop a brand relationship.  

Like Jared and his Subway diet-here was a missed opportunity that the corporate brands did not come up with on their own.  It's so simple, yet it hasn't been done.  Perhaps this was because of the "recession" that we're in, but that is exactly why it's important to keep spending the right money on the right products. 

 Social media is an area that should continue to grow during tight times.  The good ideas are going to keep coming no matter what-it just depends if you're going to make them work for your brand or not. 

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