Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks...

I am giving thanks this holiday for working in social media.  While advertising and marketing budgets are getting slashed all over-social media and digital spending has been holding steady.  There are many articles siting the growth of online and digital users/consumers-so I won't bore you with numbers, but what I would recommend to anybody in advertising (even those that already have a place in traditional media)-is to invest and try to get into social media.  

If you are trying to get in yourself-write a blog, become a part of a social network, etc..  Try the new technology, because you will only learn something, and then you will be able to say you are proficient.  Clients and agencies are starved for people who have an understanding of this new medium.  Even if you have a background in print, or broadcast TV-try to make the conversion yourself-before others get hip to the swing that is about to happen when digital becomes the primary source for entertainment and information.  

So I am thankful to have a job, that is teaching me valuable new things everyday and that is in a booming market.  How about you?

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