Friday, November 14, 2008

Graphic grabs on Macs

Macs are pretty easy to operate.  And taking a graphic from anywhere is pretty easy too.  Here is a "Dummies" guide to taking a graphic on a Mac.

1) Probably the easiest way to snag a graphic that you like,  is to simply click and drag it to either your desktop or folder.  It's that easy.

2) Another easy option is to hit apple, shift 4.  Then you get a little target looking icon, and use that to draw a square around anything you want, and voila-there's your graphic.  This is sort of like the screen grab function on a PC.

3) I found a new way to grab pictures in a much more neat/organized way.  Instead of relying on my ability to accurately box a graphic, I can use the Grab application.  On Macs, under Applications, open the Utilities file.  There should be something called Grab, who's icon looks like scissors cutting the paper.  Drag the icon to your toolbar.

Then, when the page or image that you want is open, click on the Grab icon, go to "Capture" on the top toolbar, and choose "Window".  It will automatically capture everything in the window-so it is more accurate/even than drawing your own box around the graphic.  

You can also use the "Screen" option when capturing, when you want to capture many things on your screen.  This is another screen grab option-but again, will gather all of the information and not just what you box.  

That's the new thing I learned today!

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